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 New regulations will be easy to navigate & will include graphics to outline a clear process, from start to finish.


The updated structure will provide a set of clear procedures for development queries, & will create a more streamlined application process - eliminating the need to navigate multiple points of contact.


Although our regulations have worked in the past, they can be outdated & confusing.  This update will help guide us into the future, while protecting the crucial elements that make this a great place to live, work, & play.

The City of Keene recently updated the city’s zoning and permitting processes to be more simple, efficient, and thoughtful. By prioritizing smarter redevelopment and protecting the distinctive character that residents and visitors love, the new regulations will provide a streamlined and more intuitive roadmap for permits.


The city used the following three guiding principles to guide this update:

For Developers...

This means a more navigable, intuitive, consistent process for redevelopment and new construction. Streamlining points of contact and potential departmental overlap, new processes will reduce confusion and outline a clear planning roadmap.

For Business & Home Owners...

This means a user-friendly permitting process for everything from a lot line adjustment to a home addition. The update is aimed at reducing potential confusion and frustration by providing an easier-to-understand set of land use regulations, accompanied by helpful resources to guide the process.

For City Staff & Elected Officials...

This means a significantly simpler, streamlined system that will make the review and approval process clearer and easier to administer, allowing the city to better serve those in the community, and allocate time to other important tasks and areas of focus.

Why DID the City updatE its regulations?

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