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Learn more about changes proposed to the City's zoning by: 

  • Find your zoning district in the list below, and click on the links beneath to see a comparison of existing vs. future changes to permitted principal uses and dimensional requirements. 

    • A principal use is the primary use of a parcel/lot. Accessory uses, which are not listed on these forms, may be allowed.


  • To learn about proposed changes to the City's Downtown Zoning Districts, click here

  • If you do not know your current zoning district, click on the map to the right, or visit:

    • Enter your address in the search box

    • A pop up box will appear, and click on the  "Assessment" tab.  Scroll down to "Zone Desc" to find the zoning district. 

Existing Zoning Districts

Agriculture (A) District

Business Growth & Reuse (BGR) District

Central Business (CB) District

Central Business Limited (CBL) District

Commerce (COM) District

Commerce Limited (COML) District

Conservation (C) District

Low Density 1 (LD-1) District

Medium Density (MD) District

Neighborhood Business (NB) District

Office (O) District

Residential Preservation (RP) District


Rural (R) District

Proposed Zoning Districts

Downtown Core (DT-C) District

Downtown Growth (DT-G) District

Downtown Edge (DT-E) District

Downtown Limited (DT-L) District

Downtown Transition (DT-T) District

Downtown Institutional Campus (DT-I) District

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