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  • Find your zoning district in the list below, and click on the links beneath to see a comparison of existing vs. future changes to permitted principal uses and dimensional requirements. 

    • A principal use is the primary use of a parcel/lot. Accessory uses, which are not listed on these forms, may be allowed.


  • To learn about proposed changes to the City's Downtown Zoning Districts, click here

  • If you do not know your current zoning district, click on the map to the right, or visit: https://www.axisgis.com/keenenh/.

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    • A pop up box will appear, and click on the  "Assessment" tab.  Scroll down to "Zone Desc" to find the zoning district. 

Existing Zoning Districts

Agriculture (A) District

Business Growth & Reuse (BGR) District

Central Business (CB) District

Central Business Limited (CBL) District

Commerce (COM) District

Commerce Limited (COML) District

Conservation (C) District

Corporate Park (CP) District

Health Care District

High Density (HD) District

High Density 1 (HD-1) District

Industrial (I) District

Industrial Park (IP) District

Low Density (LD) District

Low Density 1 (LD-1) District

Medium Density (MD) District

Neighborhood Business (NB) District

Office (O) District

Residential Preservation (RP) District


Rural (R) District

Proposed Zoning Districts

Downtown Core (DT-C) District

Downtown Growth (DT-G) District

Downtown Edge (DT-E) District

Downtown Limited (DT-L) District

Downtown Transition (DT-T) District

Downtown Institutional Campus (DT-I) District


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